SFV OG (Hybrid)

//SFV OG (Hybrid)


Buy sfv og kush Online

Buy sfv og kush Online. San Fernando Valley OG which is more notably called SFV OG, was created and bred in the very valley it was named after. When you open up a package of this strain, its scent is extremely potent and distinct, and can solely get stronger as you chop up the buds. It’s reminiscent of sweet berries combined with the earthy and slightly diesel aroma of a typical OG strain, but can sometimes exude undertones of lemon or pine. Buy sfv og kush Online

As shortly as you make full your bowl and take the primary hit, you will style a soapy-like pine or perhaps a inexperienced banana flavor that isn’t precisely unpleasant, but sure to leave an interesting aftertaste. The terpenes in SFV OG are usually in high quantities, so different people will pick out different flavors depending on their personal tastes. Buy sfv og kush Online

It’s a sativa-dominant strain, thus expect a small amount of a cerebral rush that slowly dispels because the indica effects take over the body, resulting in relaxation. Buy sfv og kush Online.

SFV OG will be harsh on the lungs and throat, therefore this bud is best used with a vaporizer rather than breathing through a pipe.

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  1. ann

    I just got today, and I am happy with the taste.I will be buying this again.

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