G-13 (Indica)

//G-13 (Indica)


Buy G-13 Strain Online UK

Buy G-13 Strain Online UK. G 13 may be a sorcerous indica strain that incorporates a pungent smell profile of sweet, earth and skunk. Legend is the strain was stolen from a government research facility in Mississippi. research The smoke is a bit harsh, and tastes just as it smells. G13 offers a heat, relaxed body buzz with heaviness and tingling within the thighs, as well as a calm, clear headed, uplifted mood. This all-star strain relaxes the muscles and mind with a beautiful feeling of euphoria that will melt away pain, stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia. It may also combat loss of appetite. Buy G-13 Strain Online UK

G-13 Packs 22% THC and a Conspiracy Theory


Now I don’t pack orders with a tinfoil cap on, but I love me a good conspiracy.

G-13 will get you as high as you need to go, and that may be thanks to the Feds. Buy G-13 Strain Online UK

As the United States was work weed back within the 60’s, then began to cross strains themselves…making G-13

Medically, G-13 is a good strain to buy if you want to treat muscle spasms, or physical pain in general.

Indica  dominant hybrid, G-13 delivers a heavy punch for the body and mind with lowest couch-lock and come-down.

overall, a great night time strain. It will loosen your mood, even if you’re a Fed!

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